If it was real it would worth about $500-£600 maybe more. Currently available online at a Las Vegas memorabilia site - BARGAIN!!!!

However, its not selling so they have put it into auction in a few days time - look at the the auctioneers estimate....

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Ugh. I saw this at a closed auction last night - $316.


Wow, I would probably think it is real if I did not know these pages - sad, right? And also it's sad that this fake is back on ebay - that's the one I bought a couple of months ago and I'm still waiting for a refund for duties: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/David-Bowie-Hand-Signed-Photo-Autograph-...

I have managed a hard times and I am looking maybe for another autograph (probably on the clean paper or card) but I'm pretty sure I will not buy it on ebay. :-D

Another classic....(just seen the thread last year on these bandits - signed Butchers Cover Beatles for $3750 and Buddy Holly LP cover signed by Buddy with a sharpie..hahaha

Very few people have so many full-band signed Beatles guitars in stock.

MMP Collectables is owned by Brian Burkel, of the infamous Autographs America.

Thanks Steve, I seriously do not know how these people get away with it legally. The Bowie's are not the worst I have seen (infact quite passable), but hopefully most people see the price and are put off at how ridiculously cheap they are. 



if one googles 'bob dylan autograph' you will end up with 15 different google product listing ads all from burkel's web site. (https://a-authentication.com/)


if one googles 'grateful dead autograph' you will end up with 15 different google product listing ads all from burkel's web site. (https://a-authentication.com/)...so one can google practically any popular artist autograph and receive only results of burkel's listings...........try it, steve


here is jimi hendrix !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 steve==i am under the impression that american royal arts is out of business......in any case burkel is ripping off literally thousands of autograph buyers per year---way more than royal arts ever did.....

according to a member of this site who worked for his company, burkel is spending over $10,000.00 per week on paid google clicks ( PLA,,,,,,,product listing ads) so he must be profiting with hundreds of forgeries sold per month............yet i do not see his site mentioned more than other fraud sites on your site


are you afraid of a law suit from burkel?.......what is the reason that burkel's site is not featured on your home page??

thanks for all the hard work setting up this site to protect the naive.





Bernard, with all due respect, Steve has been damaged the most of all of us from the exposing of forgeries, crooked sellers, fraud, and phony "Forensic Authenticators."

For you to post that, is very disappointing.

christopher=== if steve can not place photos of the burkel site on this home page for legal reasons, then i understand.................i made that point previously........

Thanks, Chris. Bernard, I am not worried about being sued by Burkel or not posting things over legal concerns. We don't do anything illegal here.

This site is a community, with blogs, discussions, and photo albums. I post very few discussions myself. That's not my primary role. I moderate, administrate, and comment where I feel it may be helpful or where I want to join the conversation.

The home page where people can go to see what's currently going on here, and it may also show featured things for extended periods, like the ARA altered proof photos. BTW, I would not be surprised if ARA sold $50+ million in forgeries a year.

I often put those front and center primarily for 2 reasons. Most of all because they show that you often can't trust signing proof photos. They are only as good as the seller's reputation.

But also because an associate of ARA, Stephen Koschal, is still claiming that I "went after" the owner of ARA, Jerry Gladstone, because he's Jewish and they claim I'm anti-Semitic, just like Gladstone claimed. Yet, I'm Jewish, born, raised, and practicing. He's still doing it today. That's how desperate they are to hide the truth.

It was posted on Sept. 11 and the owner of the site, https://theautographplanet.com hasn't taken it down. There are all sorts of other utterly untrue things there by Koschal, either in his name or another account in a different name, including that I, and this website, are the protectors and center of the forgery industry. There's even a call for my death there that theyjust posted in the Sept. 11 piece that a former associate of theirs posted on the former site they used to use to attack us: autographnewslive.com (ANL), no longer online as far as I know. Koschal claimed their associate posted it here, which is a lie—that's SOP for Koschal. I get other death threats from that. So I keep those altered signing photos alive because it helps show Koschal for what he is and Gladstone did.

I'm sure Brian Burkel uses posts like those to convince customers of his autographsauthenticationstore.com that I'm the bad guy and you can't trust this site.

The reason there isn't lots of fresh content about Burkel on the home page is because the home page mostly reports what's going on here, and most people add onto existing discussions. Post new ones like I told you in the other discussion, actually post blogs because they stay on the home page longer and what you'd be posting is like a column, which is what a blog is. The responses are secondary. Clearly and carefully explain them, with images uploaded to display in the blog, not as links alone. Cearly and carefully explain what you are posting. Links to your blogs will be on the home page at least for a few days. Best do them by name: all the Doors, all the Beatles, all the Doors and Morrison, etc. That way new buyers get a better education.

So post some if you want. Post a lot of them if you want. Just fully explain your posts and make them easy for novices to understand, because that's mostly who buy from him from what I've seen.

Steve: I just went to the other site (autograph planet) that I did not know about---all i can say is =WOW.   How does anyone who collects autographs make an informed choice as to which side to believe.............I get your point that you are not anti-semitic, but you must have read what they wrote about Herman Darvick,etc. .and calling for your death is way over the line---and wrong.......This is worse than the Biden - Trump rivalry of today. In any case, I will write them a post about Burkel and see what happens..........Can't hurt !



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