Recently acquired this (I assume to have been) Jackie Robinson Signed Baseball. Would appreciate Specific opinions regarding its signature. Meaning, if you don't like it, I would appreciate if you would share what specifically it is that you dont like about its signature. 

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Interesting. However,the 1 issue I have with this law is what PROOF can be shown in court that the autograph is a fake?
You know that PSA,JSA,BECKETT reps. wouldnt be allowed anywhere near a courtroom since they have no formal educational credentials and therefore their 3rdparty opinion or a certificate from them will carry no more weight in a court of law than an opinion or certificate issued by you or I.
In fact, anybody other than the actual person who's signature is in question cannot testify with any credibility regarding the legitimacy of another persons signature, since a person
could have signed their name 500 different ways throughout their lifetime. With the exception of  Forensic document Examiners (who are the only people allowed to testify in a usa court of law regarding the legitimacy of a 3rd persons autograph) and of course the person who's signature in this court case is  question and if the person who's signature is in question is now dead.....

Who was the forensic examiner that authenticated your Jackie Robinson baseball?

Im confused about your question Steve, as I never posted that a Forensic Document examiner authenticated my Jackie Autograph. But I am on Pins&Needles in hopes that you'll
give me your valuable opinion on my other 2 Jackie Autographs shown below. If you cant see these 2 autographs in their entirety, just let me know and Ill upload them online4u .

It has been observed that when forensics are involved a crime is nearby.

Mike Bloom wrote "Forensic document Examiners (who are the only people allowed to testify in a usa court of law regarding the legitimacy of a 3rd persons autograph."

You mean people like Stephen Rocchi, Drew Max, Chris "I Never Saw An Autograph I Didn't Like" Morales, etc.

Thank you for your opinion on this Auto. Steve
QUESTION4U: Do you feel the same about the 2 Autos. below as you do about the
Black Markered Auto? If not, then can you explain the differences between them? Meaning, what makes1 or more of these 3 legit in your eyes?

Why aren't you posting the entire items they're signed on? You have to see the entire signature and the entire item to be able to comment. 

I added my input on your one piece. That’s the one you said you bought. 

I'm a bit confused Steve. I believe (unless I made a mistake) that I uploaded both of the 2 additional Jackie Signatures in their Entirety. So why would you also need to see the entire item that these signatures were signed on in order to give your opinion only on the Autograph that is shown on the item? In fact the other 2 Jackie Signatures I showed you are also on baseballs that I purchased.

Speaking generally, placement for one.

Only the first name was showing when you posted them earlier. One reason the entire item need to be seen is if what he signed is from after he died.

Hard to believe that whoever signed this would have enough speed to steal home.

That's a good one. :)



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