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Thanks for posting, didn’t know about this one otherwise 

Thanks ordered

Cheers, I had an unsigned copy on order back when it was still called "This book is a song", cancelled and switched to this.

Thank you very much!

A huge THANKS!!!!

Also ordered the Whitehall family book (if anyone saw travels with my dad) and Michael McIntyre!

Excellent one, thanks Philuk!

Published 26 May 2022

I literately didn't notice it until now, saw the book and just bought it without thinking.
Well... 6 months and 2 weeks left!


(I thought I delete the thread all the answers get deleted, but now the answer of @Philuk, is now hanging on another thread. he was not writing this for no reason, but answering me)

The book is back in stock if anyone wants one

I’ll bite this time.

Thanks for the heads up.

Thanks! Just pre-ordered one

Rough trade uk have the signed book with a print limited to 500 copies


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