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I'm looking for opinions of these two Jimi Hendrix autographs. Thanks in advance.

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What comes to my mind is that italian forger.

too similar to both be signed by Hendrix, in my opinion

Looks like one was copied from the other

The one on the bottom just sold at RR Auction for $2500 before the 25% commission. Here is a better photo.

Great deal! 

Thanks for the replies so far. It started out at Omega Auctions with no story of provenance and what would be an incorrect signing date. It then turned up on eBay where it sold for 1,000 GBP. The buyer didn’t pay, so it was relisted shortly thereafter and sold for 1,100 GBP. I don’t know if that buyer paid.

Yes, Bruce, it just sold at RR with a detailed story of provenance that includes the same wrong month.

Ole! Great work from rr!!

Well the RR hendrix is a fake??

Just look how shakily its drawn.

What do you think about the M and C in Mitch’s signature?

This is a bad set... Mitch and Hendrix are fake.

Well you cant say we didnt give RR a heads up as you said the poorer signatures always come with a good story



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