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What do people make of this?

When I first saw it I thought it was signed in crayon, but the description says that it's red felt tip pen.

I think it's probably okay, but would like to know others thoughts. 

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I like it. Both the signature and inscription look good to me.

ITs been offered by Bonhams probably genuine but not the best Hendrix to own patchy red pen and lined paper it wont be cheap from them I would wait for something better to come along 

Yes... it's a signature of around 2000£... Rogere you saw the last Hendrix sold on RRauction for around 11500$? 

Yes I did it was quite nice with the inscription but not an $11000 item we touched on it in the past though there is no logic for what something will sell for at auction I cant get my head around the prices for Hendrix tickets and handbills at RR the ticket stub selling for over $1400 and the pretty regular programmes and handbills going for $1500/$2000 the ticket stubs are $200 on e bay all day long and the programmes etc $500/$700 maximum I just don't understand who buys them for $2000 what are they thinking  

For me the rrauction piece is a piece if 4000-5000£

I did bid but stopped at $6000

Yes 6000$ but + the premium?

I was wondering the same thing about the concert memorabilia. I purchased a full unused ticket from that same show for less than $250.

That autograph book was on eBay a while back, but I don’t recall what it sold for.

It's very hard sold autograph on ebay... the buyer prefer the auction and the serious auction.... but there are many authentic autographs on ebay...



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