The same seller has these 4 for sale.  My initial opinion is that the two on the right look good, the two on the left, not so much.  What do you guys think?

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I'll be honest, DR...

It looks to me, with your numerous Joe DiMaggio threads, that you're looking to get free opinions so that you can try to buy something low and then flip for a profit?

You're entitled to your opinion.  You saw numerous threads because there are so many FAKES out there.   If you read the threads, you'll notice only one of them ended up being real.  So all my posts did (besides annoying you apparently) was steer me away from the counterfeits... which I thought was the point of this site?

I finally found a pair that actually passed the smell test at a great price.  I bought one for my collection, and offered the seller's information to another collector on here who was also looking for a DiMaggio.  So you're a little off in your flip-for-profit opinion.

Do I sell my autographs?  Yes.  But usually only when I upgrade to a better version for my collection.  I'm a fan first, collector second, seller third.  This board has been a huge help to my collection, and I hope to be able to contribute positively to it once I'm a little more familiar with spotting fakes.

I've been burnt many times on fake autographs.  Trying to determine what is real and what isn't helps buyers and sellers alike.  A lot of times the sellers have no clue they are even selling forgeries.  I try to notify the sellers when I realize they are selling fakes to help potential buyers avoid a heartbreaking situation.

so you are not going to purchase any of these, if authentic?

Nope.  I got my DiMaggio incoming.  Unless something goes awry in the mail, or I find a much cleaner (or Yankee Clipper) copy, my DiMaggio quota is filled.

What initially made me scoff was this guy also has a fake Mantle for sale.   It feels like he thinks they are all real, because his prices are ridiculous and he won't negotiate...  And looking at the 2 on the right, they seem legit.  Am I wrong?

Hi, D R.  I think the reason Christopher Williams, who is one of the best and most helpful authenticators on here, brought up the idea you might be a flipper is because we’ve definitely had a few of them join the sight in order to get our opinions on items so they could purchase them and make a nice little profit for themselves.  And that’s not what this site is for...helping flippers help themselves.  It’s for helping genuine collectors keep from getting burned.  Otherwise, we feel like we’re just being “used” for someone else’s enrichment.  But it does sound like you’re a bona fide collector.  So imo, I actually think these are all good.  If I could get one for close to the price you got yours I might possibly buy one.

I completely understand.  That wasn't my intention.  I genuinely LOVE baseball, and have only recently been getting into the vintage guys (I grew up in the 90s).  For me, it's so awesome to learn about the studs of past eras.  That love turned into me trying to get one autograph of each of the guys I consider "legends".  When I discovered more than half of my autographs were fakes, it was so deflating.  I found this site, and thought it was great way to help distinguish the real from the not.  I'd really like to learn the nuances and subtleties (and sometimes not-so-subtleties) of the older guys signatures.  I think I've got a pretty good grasp on Mantle and Williams, but DiMaggio is a lot tougher for me to figure out.

Again, I apologize for giving the wrong impression.  I'm just trying to get to the point where I can spot the fakes as well as you guys.

Just a minor editorial thought, James lol

Christopher Williams, who is one of the best and most helpful authenticators on here.  ;)

stated somewhat in jest but I think you understand.  Chris is great in any universe!

Agreed!  Christopher is great, and I probably shouldn’t have spoken for him.  But we have had our experiences with flippers.  One in particular comes to mind too.  He kept changing his names and using multiple accounts I believe.

Well, I guess the jig is up.  Time to switch accounts again!  :)

I agree.  The knowledge and insight Christopher (and others) share on a daily basis is what makes this site so awesome. 

Although, it does sort of feel like a yappy little terrier has been barking and biting my ankles since I started posting here, but I guess he has his reasons.



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