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Not sure I’d be forking out any $’s for these autographs. IMO they lack the expected flow of a natural signature. Any other thoughts?

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I'm not a fan of these either but they're certainly better than most.

Agree that they are better than most.

The HDN LP appears carefully traced, not scrawled in a typical 'Beatle' moment.

I'd be wary.

I don't like them...The little mark near the start of the letter "P" in Paul is almost exactly the same on both...and the end of "Lennon"...the "on"...if you enlarge the photo...they are almost exactly the same on both! I'm assuming that these were "signed" at different times...and the fact that it was just John & Paul. When fans were lucky enough to meet any Beatle and get something signed...it was usually a napkin...maybe the back of a photo you had in your wallet or purse....etc. People didn't walk around with albums. IMO

They do seem to be a little bit odd this is the supposed history of them 

Both signatures were acquired by the late Peggy Revie who was the head of makeup at Grenada Studios in Manchester in the 60s and 70s. Photographed is a newspaper cutting showing Peggy doing the makeup of one of the members in the 1960's. It is not clear in which year the photograph was taken and the article published, however they are believed to have been signed in the mid to late 1960s. Peggy apparently asked for the signatures separately when doing the makeup of Lennon and McCartney which explains the two different coloured pens used which is consistent on both album covers. There were multiple appearances of the Beatles at Grenada Studios in the mid 1960's. Most notably the 1965 special 'The Music of Lennon & McCartney' which was aired on the 16th December 1965.

Agreed I call these pattern forgeries. The forger has a certain style done fairly well and sticks to that.  The points Jim raised are good ones. Signed on different days, the same characteristics and slowly and carefully signed.  Imagine how lucky the signee was to just happen to be walking around with a Beatles Lp and find John and Paul together and get them to sign their Lp TWICE? Not very likely IMO.

absolutely agree.

HDN looks so clean it might have been signed yesterday. And both are such fully-spelled autographs. The buyer might have a hard day's night after doing more research.

Sold for nearly £11,000 with BP. Ouch if they aren't genuine as most suspect .....

Both items are genuine. Mark my words in the near future they will either be sold by RRauction or by Tracks or some other big player.

Complete agree Cornelis! No doubt whatsoever these are genuine. 
i don’t see any argument above why these would be fake. The AHDN LP in particular is a beauty. Whoever bought this has a superb and unique item.

Hey all you “experts”: Tracks is selling the For Sale.
As I already said: perfectly genuine example, I can’t see why anyone would think this was a fake, unless they were discouraging others from bidding. And it seems that was what was going on because if you think these are fake then nothing is real :-)

“Best” argument above: they have the “same characteristics”. Well they SHOULD have as they were done by the same Beatle! 


which auction house sold them originally out of interest?



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