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Seller claims to have gotten it in person. With the condition being so poor (Faded sig, creases, etc) it would be odd if it were forged. If you believe the seller than it might be worth taking a chance on this one. Not cheap though. 

Real for sure.he has been trying to sell this one for a couple of years now.imo....a fair price would be in the 400-600 dollar range.its not in the best shape.

So according to the back story, he planned to get his signature? And between the planning, putting his plan into action, and actually getting John to sign it, he couldn't rustle up something more appropriate for John to sign than this? In a hotel? Where in one form or another, paper and pens abound? How odd! Further, with the difficulty he's experiencing selling it for a decent price, why wouldn't he have it authenticated? Wouldn't that facilitate and expedite its sale? Especially given the state of the paper and signature, one would think authentication imperative if this is to sell.


I was asked to look over this last night from quality standpoint, not authenticity, and I also said one could do much better than this. The condition, the contrast, the creases...looking at R&R one can indeed do better. SP and LP under 2K, one this year.


   First, let me Apologize for blowing you off last night. I know your question was important to you and I did not take that into account. I am very Sorry! With regards to your question on the John Bonham Autograph (Legit/ Fake?) I am unable to give an opinion, as I can not see it well enough. I do think that Bruce and Paul were able to give you an opinion and from a Quality stand point, Eric was able to Help you as well. For the Price, I would definitely hold out for a Better Autograph.

It doesn't look aged enough to me, and why would a ticket in that bad a shape be under a windshield wiper? Did the guy carry it in his pocket or folded into his wallet for decades? Not something you'd expect for a fan to do with a prized autograph.

If actually used, shouldn't this ticket bear either markings of the row and space number where the car was parked, or be designated by being punched out? If not, how do the valets know where the car is parked?

Material for developing back stories abound on Ebay. Just a matter of finding the right pieces to bolster believability and a little imagination.

"Walt Disney was walking around and he signing a brochure for me. Here's the rest of the ephemera I acquired that day!". 8)

+1, like the various menus and other "add on" paper we have discussed. "Build your own provenance"..."Babe Ruth signed this - here is a 1939 New York Fair Sports Academy brochure..."

I like that, "Build your own provenance". +1  It's a great term for that tactic.

Here is some "added provenance"...



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