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This is not authentic, in my opinion.

It doesn’t look authentic to me either.

I haven't seen 10% of the Lennon sigs most here have seen, but I've seen enough Lennons to tell that the handwriting here isn't even close to any Lennon penmanship I've seen before, real, proxy, or even forgeries! This is uniquely bad.

Where did my response go? I responded first yesterday/this morning saying "sorry, no".

Oh, there are duplicate threads.

This is a terrible forgery, imo.

This is a poor attempt at forgery. Not even close.

apologies if this was posted twice.

Was using my work computer yesterday and it wasn't connecting and didn't think it had actually been posted. 

Saw this on ebay and couldn't believe what a bad forgery it was. Nothing like JL's autograph. 

Thanks for the consensus. 




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