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What are people's views on this Lennon? 

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My view is not favorable. 

Good god no.

Thank you both for your thoughts. I'm by no means convinced that it's genuine, but believe there's an argument there. Here's an authentic Bag One signature:

There are plenty of of similarities, notably the way the 'e' is lower than the 'L' that precedes it. The most glaring difference is the lack of right hand slant in the OP compared to the Bag One autograph, but there are plenty of Lennon exemplars out there that have "straighter" look to them. 

Here is a TLS to Jesse Ed Davis from 1974:

This has a much straighter look to it, especially the Lennon part of the signature. If somebody showed me this and the OP, I would say the OP looks more like a genuine Lennon autograph ....

It looks like the OP was copied from the Bag One signature style, apart from the "h" and "L" echoing each other as they often do. The last sentence  - not a compelling argument to me considering the presentation of the TLS.

I don't recommend using Bag One Lennon autographs as exemplars. There seems to be a never ending supply. I don't think the one you're comparing with is real.

OK, but my point was the similarity as the OP looks a copy of that style shown by Autographtastic, if a poor one. 

I meant to reply to Autographtastic.

Ooh, I am sorry.

Not your fault...I replied to you by mistake.

Oh jeez, that's opening another can of worms ....

That can's been open for a long time.

Haha! Is there an old thread on here discussing Bag One autos? It would be an interesting read.  


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