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3 card lot is already bid up to $10,500. Any chance these are real?

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You can clearly see the stop and start marks.  Aside from that, horrible forgery.

Hopefully Goodwill will do the right thing and issue a refund because these are unfortunately reprints. Attached are the same cards authenticated that sold on Heritage Auctions several years ago.


Thank you, Damian!

Yea of course, always happy to help. 

The reprint cards also show themselves to be highly over contrasted as expected. Apart from the lack of color definition, there is color twisting and a marked lack of data in the dark areas, even though the reprint appears sharper. The people in the background are gone on the right.

Original on left, reprint on right:

Under a loupe I expect these reprints will rapidly fall apart and reveal themselves. Or with a very nigh resolution scanner like I used to have.

Oh yeah, just look at the Bulls logo in the lower left. Very off in contrast. 

I’m glad to see Goodwill pulled down the auction. I emailed them this information and maybe they received enough pushback to pull it. With these Goodwill auctions all sales are final. 



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