I bought this signed JOURNEY LP about a year ago because my gut told me it was good. I've always been good at picking out autographs and getting them authenticated by PSA or JSA. I've had very few autographs fail. I wasn't even going to have this LP authenticated because the autographs looked so good. I was actually about to spend a pretty penny to get it framed. I heard JSA was authenticating at a baseball card shop close to my home hete in Vegas, so I decided to get my Journey lp and my Tom Berenger 8x10 authenticated.

I am in total shock that the LP failed. I don't put 100% of my faith in these authentication companies so I might get a second opinion next time Beckett authenticates at the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop.

I value your opinions as well. I posted a picture of the lp, and another set of Journey autographs on a piece of sheet music that I saw on eBay. I believe both of these sets of autographs are real, or they were both forged by the same person...What do you guys think?

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I really wish I could help you decide if these are real, but music is not my strong suit. I do have a question for you though, if you don't mind?

Did they just fail it on the spot or did they take images and inform you of their decision later?

I have heard repeat horror stories about these baseball authenticators just randomly failing or passing material that they have no business even looking at.

I see it all the time where the person on site takes it upon themselves to render an opinion without contacting their resident "expert" in that given field. 

Roger is still their resident expert on music......did they even get his opinion of the item?


I couldn't agree with you more. Show authentication gets it right most of the time, but authentication companies—and dealers—need to get it right almost all the time. TPAs shouldn't sacrifice accuracy for convenience and revenue.

I left the items at the baseball card shop with the JSA agent because he told me it would take about two and a half hours. I have no idea if the agent I left the items with was the person who did the authenticating, or if he sent images to someone else.

He did tell me at first glance it looks good. But the reason it failed was the "size of some the autographs, especially the Steve Perry."

I think this is strange reason to fail an autograph, because the size of the autographs depends on the situation sometimes. Whenever I used to get movie posters signed in person, if I could, I would ask the celebrity to sign nice and big. One celebrity (Pauly Shore) actually signed the poster so big the autograph literally covered the whole poster. I have a Hall of Fame football helmet covered in autographs, and I've always asked the signer to sign really small, just to save room so I can fill it with as many autographs as I possibly can...

have Roger look at it.

Just because they failed it doesn't necessarily mean it isn't real. Go to another JSA agent next month and it could be a pass, then next month it could be a fail. Check out Hauls of Shame for some examples of their personal "failures" in authentication.

Hello Brian,

I would be far more interested in seeing large scans alongside known exemplars and some about why you think this is or is not a problem graph as opposed to these words from JSA.


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