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The best feeling! and thats nice!

I'll buy that third one off of ya, if you're willing to part with it.  Let me know!

We promise not to ask for the extra signed item back Collectorautos!

Haha thank you 

Hi everyone, Steve Harkins here. I host and created the Rock N Roll Channel on TalkShopLive. I wanted thank everyone for their interest in the Kiss signing. I started out a fan and collector and take very seriously what we offer to fans. I negotiate with the artists, management and labels to appear on our show and sign a quantity of their new albums. We produce a one hour show featuring the artist with fans in mind for no fee. No advertisers. We sell the artists' new albums signed at the retail price (no gouging). The artists to their credit do not ask for additional mark up or fees to appear and to sign. We are proud of our record of authenticity and the shows we produce. The Kiss CD was to include a signed CD booklet. 2000 booklets could not be produced in time to ship so they printed the cover sheets to sign. We found out when we received them just in time to ship. No malice or false advertising was intended. We appreciate the interest and support. We will continue to offer great artists and their signed albums/CDs for fans going into 2022.

Well- then-much appreciated.  The sigs I got were nice. And though the cover sheets are small-they should look really sharp once matted and framed up. Can't beat it for the price.  I wouldn't sweat the complainers. The way I look at it, you could walk on water and there'd always be one person complaining that you're scaring the fish. 

Well stated, Michael! Really appreciate the feedback. Even those that complain. Some of the complaints were valid and it's important to hear from all angles. Will only improve our efforts and how we deliver. 

And so?  Regardless of intent, the fact remains that a lower -- not equal -- substitute was provided.  What is the resolution?

If you feel you did not receive good value for the CDs and autographs, will certainly consider refunding your money R Buck. Use by name Steve Harkins with customer service and we'll refund upon receipt of your return.

Very awesome you took the time to address the community! Overall, I speak for most that you guys have made some great stuff available that we would otherwise not have been able to obtain. If there is a problem like this again in the future, would you be able to mass email everyone who placed their order alerting them of the change before it ships? Hopefully, this situation will not come up again but just be aware that many people will have problems with their order if they don't receive what was advertised. Even if the replacement is acceptable. People will feel this is a bait and switch tactic. Overall, im still happy with the kiss autograph. Its something I never thought I would own. Your site is awesome and I will keep on watching and buying. I just hope issues like this can be avoided completely going forward

Really appreciate the kind words Jason. We work really word to deliver the shows not just the autographs. We'll certain consider your suggestion. Seems perfectly reasonable. we're still feeling our way thru this. The Rock N Roll Channel was launched this year on TalkShopLive.

This may come off as being picky but im very curious, do you guys have any control usually over how the autographs are signed? For example, pen color over a certain background? Or guiding the artists on the best location for a signature on items? Obviously you had no control over the Kiss autographs but is this something that is at all talked about with other artists? Or do you just have to accept whatever they give you to sell? Its always a concern when buying autographs worrying if the signature will be signed in black on a black background or something similar. 



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