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I hope you can make these products  available outside the us. I‘m from Germany and would love to order the Def Leppard item when it‘s released.

best wishes

I have the same problem, I'm from the Netherlands and would love to buy this LP among other things.

Thanks Steve. I didn't realize that the photo came out sideways but I guess is a good neck exercise lol.

Would you consider releasing the signed Scorpions cards with the CD? I’m not really into vinyls. When are you releasing the Def L one?

The arrangement with the band and their label was this offer was the vinyl album only. Sorry. if it changes, we'll announce. Def L coming soon

I was going to get one the cheap way sending a letter with return postage overseas but I contacted them thru email. They said there were no more signed postcards left at the moment and could be a long wait. I ended up buying from The Rock and Roll Channel since they were still available. I didnt want to miss out on this one

Steve, any chance you might be able to get The Doobie Brothers to do a signing with TalkShopLive before their new book "Long Train Runnin" Our Story of The Doobie Brother's"  gets released in May?

EJ- great call out! We tried to to get them for their latest album release and came close but ran out of time.

I will make a run at it and see if their publisher can help make it happen. Worth a shot.

Appreciate the idea!


Ok Steve, I just got emails from 3 different companies selling the Def Leppard pre-sale and I know you said soon but you are part of our group now so I need more info, at least a little heads up like if it is safe for me to run some errands now or should I hold off lol. I've been worried about missing this one since you mentioned it. 

Thanks, I'm gonna hold out for the U.S. ones and hope for a Cd version but this should be posted so anyone interested doesn't miss it. do you want to do it or should I?

$80 with shipping to the US. Ouch



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