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Not a single place

great policy and I think about everyone here supports this.  

Maybe add the Limit verbiage on the sale pages in the future, to clarify things up front as well.

I’ve got no problems with limits, but it’s very clear none were stated on either of these products when we ordered. I hate they are wasting out time, and frankly money, since they held our funds and now we aren’t gonna get a product. I think they should honor the orders on these and moving forward have very clear order limits.

And to do it at the last minute is poor i wont bother with these amateurs again 

All good. My orders all shipped. 

Did you get an email saying your order was cancelled?

Did anyone else’s Def Leppard’s ship? 

My order says 

Expected to ship Monday, May 30th

Interesting. Mine shipped 

6:24 A.M.
Departed UPS Facility Smyrna, TN, United States
2:59 A.M.
Package processed Smyrna, TN, United States
11:04 P.M.
Package received for processing Smyrna, TN, United States
7:00 P.M.
Shipment tendered to UPS Mail Innovations Memphis, TN, United States

Hi, I just received an email this morning with tracking details. 

Just curious if anyone receive info on the LP version signed by all 5 members of Def Leppard from their vault mailing

I got the tracking and it is in transit



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