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Kobe Bryant autograph with VSA COA fake or real I need help

What do you guys think of this Kobe Bryant autograph I bought it in a sports store but I’ve never heard of this COA “VSA” or Verified Signature authority is this signature fake ?

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I'm not familiar with VSA authentication but I don't think that Bryant is real.

Yea man me either the store I bought it from is a big store name in California that’s why I bought it from them what should be the best thing to do I bought last year on February a lot of people been telling me it’s fake ?

VSA is Verified Signature Authority, which appears to be a sham with a JSA lookalike sticker. https://www.verifiedsignatureauthority.com/

I do not know the signature well enough to comment on it, but the VSA sticker does not inspire optimism.

Not real or close IMO

What would be the best thing to do here I bought it last year 

Brian, I'm so sorry to hear that. Where did you buy it, when, how did you pay for it? If you paid on PayPal did you fund it from a credit card? In that case the credit card's buyer protection may work if it's too late for PayPal's.

Hey man sorry for the late reply I bought it from a big store franchise here in California called “sport treasures” I paid with my debt card.

When did you buy it? Does your card have buyer protection?

Last year when Kobe died 1/26/2020 and I’m not too sure yet I can find out tomorrow 

I have been a Kobe fan for decades, I would not buy.

Brian, instead of posting Status threads continue with this discussion on the same subject please.

My bad man new to this too 



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