Lana Del Rey SIGNED cards bundles restocked on the UK store

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Sold Out

Scroll down, the signed litho bundles are sold out but not the signed art card bundles. UK only though, not sure if you can order if based elsewhere. 

Here are my signed lithos - they look like they are signed by different people ! image.jpg

The bottom ones are definitely fake, they look like mine. Not sure about the top ones.

How come you are sure they are fake?

I know her signature quite well and I can tell it's not her who signed the bottom ones, especially her L - D - Rs are very different. 

another photo to compare. Trying my best to figure this out. There are parts I like of both styles. Then again, there are parts I dont like about both as well.

Got the signed CDs in the mail today and both are different. I think the bottom one is real since I compared it to my signed in person ones. thoughts? 

Ive only just started looking into this as I was able to score a few signed copies as well but based on what RebeldeAndrew says, I would think your top one is the real autograph. The R in Rey looks more complete? in your bottom one.. Im going to investigate a little more as I really have no idea at this point what is real for her. I have done a TON of research on other autographs and have compared many to secretarials. Ive never seen a celebrity decide to change aspects of their signature unless it was to make it shorter or faster to sign, so this does look a little suspicious. Ill post examples of mine when I receive them

Did you see my picture?  Both from her UK webstore and both totally different! 


Attachments: No photo uploads here

I did. here's an example  supposedly in person signature on a book

Heres a quick attempt at comparing them all so far.. 


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