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I was wondering if someone could help me authenticate this guitar.  Seller claims to have purchased it from RR and has since lost the certificate.  As far as I know, they have no image database for previous auctions.

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Hi Mike,

A couple things on this one. I really am not good on Page's later in life signatures. They can be faked pretty easy in my opinion. This one is awfully elongated compared to what i normally see, but im just not good enough to tell. 

About RR, i thought i would mention something. They do have an option to search past auctions, but i am pretty sure that you have to have an account to view them. But getting an account is free, and just takes a few minutes to register. Then you can view there backlog of items sold with pictures. If you search past auctions for Zepp or Jimmy Page, this should show up if its been sold in the last 5 or 6 yrs. Im not sure how long RR keeps pictoral records of items sold on there webpage, but it goes back at least that far. 

Hope this helps


Thanks Carl. I've had an account with RR for a few years now and have used their previous auction search many times. I've never seen images though, just titles, descriptions and prices. I might be missing something but I really think they should keep a photographic record. Web storage is crazy cheap now and it would completely eliminate situations like this not to mention people faking their certs.

RR's online database with photos goes back to 2008. You need to be signed into your RR account to see the images.

According to their past auction archive, RR has sold two Led Zeppelin guitars since 2008. Neither one matches the item that is the subject of this thread. 

Thanks Steve! I see it now, very helpful. Something was messed up with my cookies on mobile, cleared the cache and now it's good to go.

I'll get more details from the seller but I think it's pretty clear he's lying at this point. Thanks all.

Yes, very easy to open a account with them

This is not genuine and the only way it would come from RR Auction would be that it was sold in one of their first auctions, before they start using Roger Epperson as their authenticator.

Jimmy Page autograph is a very common forgery that I have seen a lot of lately.

Hope this will help.

A horrible fake.

This is fake!
Thanks all! I had my suspicions based on the signatures, but the seller is adamant he bought it from RR.
I would hope they wouldn't allow this to be sold.

Mike, the seller is mistaken as RR Auction never offered this particular item.

Over the years, we've sold 12 Led Zeppelin signed guitars and none are a match. Though two were black, the members, ink color and location don't jibe with any of our auction descriptions. 

Catalog #216:

Black Gibson Epiphone Junior model electric guitar signed by Jimmy Page and Robert Plant in silver ink. In fine condition. Accompanied by color photos of each at the time of the signing. 

Catalog #233:

Black Fender Squier Telecaster guitar, signed by Robert Plant on the body in silver ink and by Jimmy Page on the pickguard in black felt tip. 

Thanks Bobby.


I changed the title to, "Led Zeppelin Guitar: Is the Seller Telling the Truth?"

This title helps collectors learn what to watch out for.

Where is it listed for sale? Could you post a link please?


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