Here's the game! Whether it be you collect music autographs or movie related autographs! All can play!

You get 1 point for however many members of a bands autograph you have or however many actors/actress from a certain movie (you have to specify the movie or band)

The autographs can be before or after they were in the band or movie. Multiples of the same musician or actors count.


The Beach Boys- I have

11 of Brian Wilson
5 of Al Jardine
3 of Mike Love
3 of Bruce Johnston
2 of Carl Wilson
1 of David Marks

Giving me a total (25 pts)

I know some people have some crazy collections! It will be cool to see how many multiples people have in their collections!:)

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For me it is easy, but also hard. Because I don't have the exact number.
I know that I have more than 300 autographs in total from the members of Iron Maiden. That happens when you meet them almost every year for 17 years!
Wow!!! Amazing!
How many Harrison ford does pete.c have?
Real curious to see the numbers for the Star Wars guys!

If the star wars guys are like my nephew the will have star wars bed spreads and pj's.

Pete C probably over 100 Fords.

Closer to 200 Fords, 100 Hamills, 100 Fishers, and multiples of another 300 or 400 related cast and crew of the Star Wars films.

I figured that you would slaughter everyone with your Star Wars signatures Pete!

Hi Bjarne Soderholm, by chance, are you selling any of your Iron Maiden autographed items?  Loved that band since the early 80s.  thanks in advance.

Guessing it's Florence and the Machine for me. Have I think somewhere in the neighborhood of 25 - 30 Florences, and then a few items with some or all of her band as well.

My wife really enjoys Florence! Are they your favorite group Rich?

It would be The Monkees for me. I don't have an exact number, but I'm guessing it's around 100.



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