Can anyone weigh in on these two Lewis Carroll (C.L. Dodgson) signatures? In every example I can find, Dodgson includes the "L" in the signature, and in all but a few, the "D" connects to the "o". Thanks for any assistance.

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I actually looked a bit at his signature several years ago when a collector friend was seeking a piece by him.  I think you are doing well to have some concern about these.  I wouldn't be so worried about the "D" connecting to the "o" as much as the lack of the "L".  It would be enough for me to avoid.  Even if these are real, it's a different signature altogether from his classic style.   

Here's an RR example of the "D"/"o" separated:

p.s.  That first one especially looks like something that might have been printed mechanically.  The ink doesn't seem to have any age related or pressure application nuances.

I dont like either of them, the first one as Eddy says has no age to it

Thanks Eddy and Michelle, I really appreciate the assistance!


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