Lord of the Rings and Sopranos signed cast photos. Are they real?

I bought these from an auction on Invaluable and comparing the signatures to other known examples, they just don't look right to me. Can anyone help me determine if these can possibly be real or if they're fakes?


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Well, that is not Ian McKellen's signature. These look like all one hand - Soporano's as well. Sorry.

yes, the McKellen is the one that concerned me the most. Then I saw Viggo's which looked totally wrong. Elijah Wood had the complete wrong speed and slant. I can't find anything right with these...

Why did you buy it then?

stupidly optimistic that when I saw it in person instead of as a small jpg, they would be ok.

How did you pay and when did you buy these?

probably Amex. I've contacted the seller and the auction site. I'm going to call Amex tomorrow once I've verified that's how I paid. I'm hoping they are supportive. I bought them on August 21, so I probably only have 30 days to dispute the charge.

Amex I think is 180 days but definitely longer than 30 and there great at disputes

I bought them from Christiana Auction Gallery in Delaware. Know anything about them, good or bad?

Soprano's nope

Any further details? Are you familiar with these sigs? The auction house is demanding I give them the name of an expert I consulted to whom they can speak which is ridiculous. Pretty sure they know what they sold wasn’t good...

Hi Scott,

Perhaps you might find some info here?

What To Do if You Bought Fake Autographs: Info to help you get your...

Best wishes,


thanks. they agreed to take back the material after I explained how things would all go down. we'll see what happens...



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