Lot of Michael Jackson signatures... real or fake? (Forger Erick Oswaldo McKay, Erick Mckay Burgos) marc-at2014, always-4-fun, bluelifesaver, disneycolector eBay names

Hope I'm asking this in the right section...
I've recently bumped into this person's little collection of MJ sigs...


My concern is that all those sigs look too similar... I'm thinking they're signed by the same person, but I'm stumped as to if they're really Michael.

Thank you for any opinions/help in advance.

MODERATOR NOTE:  All of Erick McKay Burgos' art folders on Deviant Art have been removed by him after being outted here.  They were screen captured before his removal and are listed below.   Please use them to reference as you read through this thread.

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Hi everyone ,
That should be interesting ,or unbelievable  :
Read please :

Joe Brat buy these drawings and they will not believe her false.....

Better, it shows an authentication certificate .

I talked with Joe last night, and asked if he would send me the cert #'s on the pieces JSA approved. I told him I would send them to Roger to check into, to find out who let these through (since he works there), or I'd send them to Steve so he could call Spence to figure it out (I found out last night JSA had let some of these slip through, I am unsure how many were JSA approved--he didn't answer when I asked him).  He never did send me the #'s.   I have only seen this one cert so far on an MJ forum that he joined.  He is welcome to join us here as well.  


I agree. I don't think that any of them are real. They all look like the ones attributed to Erick to me.

Hello ,

Thank you for all your information and research. It is very appreciate by fans.

I think it is also forgeries :

Thank you .

Yes this is an Erick.  100%.   Where was this one found?

What makes this style irritating - is nowhere in MJ's history of drawing do you see that ugly style of artwork with the squiggles and eyeballs and such.  You do however see it in Erick's entire folder of his own artwork (note his signature in the corner of his own artwork) HERE   I mentioned to him when he was pushing these that he is literally changing what is known as MJ's artwork (which is sad) to his own... he just blew me off and dismissed me.


 Thank you ,

These drawings are too abstract to be of Michael ...
is a friend who you share this photo and you ask me what I thought


I just saw this today and I am sorry if it has been posted in relation to these photos.

They are going up for auction in Florida:


Michael Jackson and Mind control?  Are you serious?  Wow...media never stops do they!

Looks like a spin off from the Radar Online - sometimes blogs/other sites borrow info from one site and spin it into their own.  I am surprised TMZ hasn't picked it up and ran with it yet.  Then it will be plastered everywhere.

Lizzie & Jadzzia -- I would like to thank u very very much for the many recent additions of Erick samples. They are all undoubtedly Erick's handywork, and they are super helpful. Your latest pics have helped me nail another of his "styles".

Wascher -- I noticed you said earlier in this thread, directed at me, that Erick has 2 usual tells in his sig... I'd like to clarify this for Erick (as he's undoubtedly following this thread) and for everyone else...... Please do not base 100% of the judgement on the artwork that frequently accompanies Erick's forgeries, as this is not always the case. (Many times there is no artwork, just a sig.) I want to make it very clear that he fluctuates his sig between several styles, all of which I can now spot immediately, and without the help of the artwork. There are almost a DOZEN, sometimes more tells, things I look for. I encourage you all to study the signatures themselves more closely.

Prashant -- Nice find on that 2nd article to publish these ridiculous fakes.

Erick -- Yes, that's right, I'm speaking up and I'm tired of finding your stupid forgeries all over the place. There is nothing you can sign with Michael's name on it that I won't know is yours! No matter how you change it up. I know your hand better than anyone!

It is I who thank you for all the shares here. I'm like you Ema, tired of seeing all these fake ... I like drawings Michael and I'm sad to see all these fake ...

Thank you for alerting us all, and to everyone here who is sharing their expertise.  It is incredibly sad that fans who are looking for a memento of someone that they miss so much are faced with such heartless fakery. 

Here are some other items I have saved to my folders that didn't come from the Deviant ART site, that I believe are all Erick.

Gotta Have Rock N' Roll auction (above)

This was posted by "Anna" who is a member of our forum.  She is more than likely following this thread very closely, didn't want to leave her out. 

I don't remember where I found the above but its absolutely another Erick drawing.



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