Directed from his album pre-order page, bundle also available, £27 delivered

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I don’t think they are autopens as they all look slightly different here is my copy


RESTOCK - the signed lithographs are back in stock as are the signed bundles!

I just ordered one thanks for that 

I’m not sure if this is a restock or if they just remain in stock from the last restock. It seems like I couldn’t find it when I looked a couple weeks ago but came across it today. Just FYI for anyone who missed or passed originally. 

Bundles with signed lithograph/print:

All are out of stock unfortunately 

Oh ok, I’m sorry to hear that. I think all 3 options were in stock when I posted (not 100% sure on vinyl but cd bundles were definitely there as I picked up one…I see they’re all gone now).

All good. My experience is you have to be quick! please  keep posting as someone will be fortunate enough to buy themselves a treat.. I know that I’ve managed to secure some really nice signed gear thanks to this forum.

Will do and same here, I’ve gotten some great stuff thanks to this forum…just have to be vigilant and quick! :-)

The signed lithograph for £25.00 is in stock. I just ordered one.

Still annoyed how these Signed Lithographs are still £25.00 in the UK but were Free in the US ! 

Don’t know about that. I definitely had to pay and I’m in the USA.

Yes, when they were first released if you spent $50.00 in his US store you had a Free Signed Litho - they've always been £25.00 in the UK store



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