2 weeks ago I bid on 2 boxes of autographs site unseen from a estate auction sight unseen as I was unable to be there, last week I picked up and paid for them and was pleasantly surprised here are some of the pics and I would like to know if they look legit one is a Cher 8x10, one is a Happy Days Cast and the last is a M.A.S.H. Cast

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This is not my area of expertise, but I have collected MASH autographs through the mail for many years. I even got Larry Linville in person in the late 80s.

That said, every signature on this piece looks way off. I doubt any of them are authentic.
Thanks Steve for the info , I guess I will end up burning it then

I am with Steve they look off I met Loretta Swit, Jamie Farr, Gary Burgoff, and Mike Farrell in January outside of Jacksonville, Florida they were all special guests at a pet charity fundraiser and were brought in because Loretta is big into pet rescue and I had them sign some 8 x 10's and mine are different than shown here. 

Linville stopped signing MASH items in the 90s. Ogden Stiers doesn't sign except for charity.

uh, yeah - because Linville died in 2000.

What I meant is that Linville was more or less fed up signing MASH items in the 90s thus rarer than other MASH sigs.

Wrote Morgan a few times & agree , it's a terrible forgery.

I have no idea when this was actually signed, it could be late 80's. I just don't know
I have no idea when this was actually signed, it could be late 80's. I just don't know

The signatures are bad. I'm a huge Mash fan and got a lot of the cast autographs at different times and on different items and although a few of these seem to be a "fair" attempt at forging, it's definitely not the actors handwriting. Especially bad is Harry Morgan's autograph. Probably the easiest signer and that forgery is far off from his style.



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