I thought I'd share a PM encounter.
Today, in London outside his office in Soho sq i saw Macca. I was the only person there, and i had a copy of one of his solo CD's for signing (Ram). He came out and said very politely that he does not sign there ('because this is business' i think he said, or words to that effect). 'But in can shake your hand' he said, and did so before getting into the car. 'And thank you for being a fan' he ended with. Nice. He was great. Of course, i have seen him sign there many times over the years, but less recently. This is the first time i have actually heard him say he does not sign there, so i suppose this is relatively new. Anyway, as a genuine fan, it was great to see him today - he's a class act.

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It speaks highly of you that you didn't press him for an autograph. 

Thank you. Well, in 2012 I saw him there and he declined to sign, we spoke briefly, he got in the car but he then rolled down the window and said 'hey, pass it over i can do it now.. I thought you were very polite and respectful' .

There you go.

That is wonderful :)

I don't think he would have any issues at all signing for true fans.

Thanks, I like reading in person encounters. I could only figure he goes to the office so much that if word gets out he is signing there that there will be a mob.

Great story,congrats!!!

Great story.  Congratulations. 

That is awesome.

His general rule for some years now is that he won't sign during his private time. If he has a gig or event, the opportunity is there but still rare. Also, his signature has become less legible with each new year, so if you do end up with one today, it will likely be half as nice as one in the same circumstance just 5 years ago.

A handshake from him is absolutely perfect in my opinion. That's a great fan story.

One of the only autographs I've always wanted as a fan but never obtained, Bob Dylan, offered me a hand shake as well. I'm totally happy with that.

Did you follow Bob Dylan for a while or was it one off opportunity? Even a handshake from him sounds like literally impossible to get nowadays!

Great question. I read that he liked Mamie Van Doren, so I purchased a vintage risque magazine which featured her as the centerfold and brought it to Bob as a gift. He wouldn't accept it, but he asked me to show him all of the pictures inside, then he said "I prefer her at an older age."

I should have known.

Then he rejected my request to sign a crumpled up piece of paper from my pocket, He literally ran away as soon as I asked.

A few minutes following we asked him to sign again, this time the hood of our car as he walked back passed us. He laughed and said we were crazy but did shake our hands. I'll never get his voice out of my head. "You guys are crazy."

The next morning we sorta just hung back and watched him ride a bicycle all over town. A blazing hot summer day, and Bob wore a sweatshirt with his hood up.
If he signed the hood of your car, would you had made a cut out of it? :)



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