Hi Guys- I could use your help in determining if the following Madonna signed self-titled debut LP is real or fake... I also have other signed LPs from the same source posted for you to judge here: (Syren's Real Or Fake Discussions), including Heart, Billy Idol, The Police, Blondie & U2. Any and all opinions would be greatly appreciated. -Syren

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When I have a question about Madonna autographs there is only one person I seek for an opinion. And that's Kamran. If you are not a friend with him yet, invite him to become one here on the site.

Thanks Joe. Yes, I've messaged Kamran and I see he's already responded. I agree- he's the 1st person I think of when it comes to Madonna.

hi.....this is deinately fake

Talk about timing. I just recommended you! 

my Madonna ears were burning man !!!!  hope  u r ok bud

I'm great. Hope the same for you, my friend!

Ditto bud!!!!and thanks again for the name check....I am always here for anyone who needs help on their Madonna signed items / verifications

Thanks Kamran- I truly appreciate it.

FAKE -- as is everything else from this seller. 

Thanks for weighing in Bruce.

no probs....if u see any for sale anywhere...just drop me a line on here b4  u buy....I can tell you if its real or fake..no worries

Yes, definitely fake.




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