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I think we discussed this one in an earlier discussion. I think I may have missed the mark on this one. After studying it a bit more, I think it's probably not signed by Madonna. Hope Kamran chimes in. You may want to friend him if you are looking for a Madonna. He is the best on her!

I hope they got it right and I'm wrong. But, I've come not to trust anyone completely on Madonna autographs. So many respected auction houses and dealers miss the mark on her.

Black, I hope we are wrong as well, but I’m almost certain this is a forgery style according to least I think.  So we’ll see what he says.  If it isn’t real, you’ll obviously need to get you’re money back.  I do know that PAYPAL is much kinder to buyers than sellers.  Anyway, I hope it all works out.

Once again this one is totally fake

I saw it was sold on ebay I think this week!!   If u paid by paypal you are covered do not worry....99% of the autographes on ebay are fake....and most of those have been forged by the same person!!!  There are soo many of his out there...many people only know the fakers handwriting as the ONLY reference because they have been doing it for so long....and  I personally have seen many many certificates that accompany most of them too

So a good authenticador is no guaranty to be genuine actually...…..  No mister not in Madonna's case....just ask me ok....I will tell you straight away if good or bad

It's certified by Beckett, so does BiB argue against their COA?

BiB, is there a return privilege?

yes start ebay claim.....with above are totally covered...Do not give up wanting or looking for a real Madonna ok....because with the price  you are willing to will find a good real one

Seems as though you can't trust anyone in this hobby.

Well I think the third party authenticators do it in good faith...and hope they wouldn't just certify just anything....but its important for them to have on file images of real examples and importantly too fakes...esp once they are made aware of the situation..and there are known forgers around on a grand scale

Kamran, I’ve seen at least a few of this forgery style authenticated by PSA, Beckett, and JSA!  So now all three of these major TPAs have it in their files that this is an authentic Madonna style when it’s not.  Sadly, some people are going to buy these for good money, and happily think they have a real Madonna.  Unfortunately, not everybody has a Batman (Kamran) they can rely on like on like we can.

What happens if the seller comes back and says it has a Beckett coa!



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