I have been trying to learn and study the multitude of pages in here, and the experts in this category are PHENOMENAL. Steve Zarelli, terrier8HOF, Christopher Williams, CEE GEE and last but certainly not least Fuddjcal and the Fudd-o-Meter! I may have missed a few, but thank you to you all!

Now for my question, I have turned myself inside out on this one. Guy says he got the ball in person as a kid. Half moons are different and seem somewhat shaky, but I’ve seen similar on UDA balls. K is high, but not looped over like most forgeries. Everything seems proportional and flows smoothly, No stops and starts, n pointed nicely, signature is on the same plane, and it avoids extra spacing at the end. Every time I look at it and find more examples I just screw myself up more. I was hoping to say, “this is what I think and why” but I am just at a loss. I want to love it, but not sure I like it. Lol. Can you please let me know thoughts and explain what is right/wrong?

Thank you all

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He obviously lied to you about "getting it in person."

You should show him this thread.

Also, he should refund you immediately since he did not ship the baseball to you.

Yeah. I try to always give people the benefit of the doubt. Maybe he met Mantle and his dad bought him an auto, that turned out to be fake. And he remained adamant about the fact that it was real from the show. (I told him if he was that convicted, he should grade it himself) However, after the comment about not having to refund until the 13th, I have little doubt. Again, thank all of you for the help and knowledge on this forum. 

Memory is tricky. Things that happened 20... 30... 40 years ago can get very fuzzy and false memories emerge -- especially with kids. Maybe his Dad took him to a show where Mantle was signing, but he actually purchased the ball from a dealer there. Or, he had multiple signed Mantle balls over the years and he mixed up which one came from where. I have over 50 Mariano Rivera sigs in my collection... some in person... some through the mail... some from private signings and some from dealers. No way I could tell you today with 100% accuracy which ones are which.

That is the generous interpretation.

Or, he could just be one of the many thousands of crooked sellers peddling junk on eBay.

In any case, you dodged a bullet. :-)

And I truly thank you for helping with that. Do you guys mind if I post future purchase considerations here? I still want to build my 500 HR club, but the auto game is tough. Think I may have bought another “guaranteed to pass authentication” fake Sosa already. SMH. Was trying to find early signatures, which has opened me up for poor judgement. 

the Mac is good

I think this is a recent signature, likely good but not certain

the sosa is no good

50 Rivera signed baseballs?  I consider that a sickness!  LOL



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