I have been trying to learn and study the multitude of pages in here, and the experts in this category are PHENOMENAL. Steve Zarelli, terrier8HOF, Christopher Williams, CEE GEE and last but certainly not least Fuddjcal and the Fudd-o-Meter! I may have missed a few, but thank you to you all!

Now for my question, I have turned myself inside out on this one. Guy says he got the ball in person as a kid. Half moons are different and seem somewhat shaky, but I’ve seen similar on UDA balls. K is high, but not looped over like most forgeries. Everything seems proportional and flows smoothly, No stops and starts, n pointed nicely, signature is on the same plane, and it avoids extra spacing at the end. Every time I look at it and find more examples I just screw myself up more. I was hoping to say, “this is what I think and why” but I am just at a loss. I want to love it, but not sure I like it. Lol. Can you please let me know thoughts and explain what is right/wrong?

Thank you all

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No good

Guy swears that he got it at a card show with his dad, when he was 8-9. Said he met Mantle and his dad got the autograph in person. Any chance story is real or absolute forgery?

No chance that is real. ZERO. A commonly seen fake style.

Mike was the nail, you are the hammer. Done deal. Appreciate the time.

Man is that guy pissed... LOL. I did not use your names, but told him the most experienced guys I know said no; so its a fake, 100% without a doubt. Appreciate getting to lean on your experience!

Very poor forgery.

the better the story, the worst the forgery. This one is just awful.

Prob stands to reason. He was pretty upset I cancelled the deal

he should be ashamed that he is selling crap

Did you buy it from Ebay seller Guru650?

It sold for $371.00.


Yessir. He is going to refund me, but pointed out that eBay gives him until the 13th to do so. Lol



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