Given Marlon Brando's popularity among autograph collectors, it would be nice to have a little compilation of exemplars to make judgments from.  

Here are a couple of examples I have managed to find:

First one below has been deemed secretarial**   The rest have been established as authentic


Steve Cyrkins' example:

Ted Leong's example:

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Updates always make me nervous Wascher.  I hope we don't get lost in it.  I am sure it will look great though.  Can't wait to see it.

Well one of the most positive updates I believe will be that it will be mobile friendly.   Right now its really not.  People cannot insert photos etc.  Since everything "technology wise" seems to be going mobile, smaller, easier etc, we have to keep up.

I'm a bit nervous about it myself though.  I asked Steve when we were going to take the leap lol :)  I just hope if it gets fouled up we can revert back and abort the mission! :D

Here's a Brando signed check from the latest RRAuction sale. Classic Brando signature.

Beautiful piece.

Is there any way to retrieve JXE's examples?  

I'll ask him.



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