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I won this in a U.K auction house,haven't paid for it yet. But its just come back as likely not genuine by PSA. Any thoughts on the item ?Screenshot_20221203-082146_Gallery.jpg

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Who wrote the inscription?

Hi Eric,

I'm not sure.

"From the Marx Bros" suggests secretarial, I would think. Not necessarily but probably.

Boy, that's pretty darn good.  "From The Marx Bros." would be secretarial but those sigs. are close, imo.  I know I've seen a real photo at some point where the secretary wrote out the dedication like this and they signed.

I have this index card for comparison signed about the time they were tryout touring with sketches from what would become A DAY AT THE RACES (1937):

Thanks for adding that.  

I don't claim to know anything about the Marx Bros.' autographs but the style of the inscription seems at least similar to Groucho's autograph. 

This was one of a small (4 - 6) group of signed 8 x 10s from the 30s/40s. There was also a Garland and a Sinatra that both looked pretty OK to me, though the realised priced were not huge (£300 - £400 each excluding premiums).


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