Megadeth - Dave Mustaine - The Sick, The Dying... The Dead - with signature

They finally figured it out and limited it to 2 for us non flippers who don't have 17 other addresses to ship to.

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It doesn't say but I wouldn't be surprised if it is only Dave. Especially since James Lomenzo is part of the band now but he didn't play on the album.

I've been a long time fan of Megadeth and never had a problem with any signatures I do think it's just Dave Mustaine he's just signed cds himself a few times all 100% legit although Distopia was signed by the whole band I don't forsee any problems with this Order Up Guys

Dave has a great signature.... Just hoping he doesn't jump on the bandwagon and just sign 'D' 

Sept 1 in-store signing for anyone near Austin, TX

Megadeth Austin Album Release Party & Signing

Very cool! The whole band not just Mustaine.. if I didnt already have plans I would have made a trip to st louis the Saturday b4 for a billy Corgan signed item and head to TX for this. Its an excuse for a summers end road trip. 

Received my CD from TSL today. Only signed by Dave.

Received mine as well similar to yours.. I was hoping he'd sign in silver.  Still an awesome item

I concur 

I'm guessing everyone that wanted one probably got one by now, but i just noticed they restocked them for a second time if not

FYI, received today--

Mustaine signed sideways on the left side (like Steve's photo), with a black sharpie on a dark cover.  CD is shrinkwrapped with the signature visible and new UPC back sticker. 

Would have preferred a bigger sig and in metallic gold or silver, but hard to complain much for the price. 


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