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mine stated personal autograph inside the book when I ordered, not sure if they could say that it technically is still is his personal autograph in the book but it definitely wasn't sold as a bookplate in the beggining

I spoke to them just yesterday and they told me they were signed inside the book and not a plate.

With the Premiere delay and bookplate edition purchased, I'm glad I went ahead and picked up a slip case verison during today's release. 

I received the email and am fine with a bookplate.  Way cheaper than the other edition. I appreciate the 15% off code. I personally have never had an issue with PC :)

Glad you are ok with this but even if you are ok, this is in fact still an issue. This is a bait and switch tactic which most people will put up with because of how rare it is for a Hetfield autograph is to come by in general. 

Well if people are upset they can get a full refund, the end.

"If you are unable to wait or would otherwise prefer a full refund, please respond to this email and we will issue a full refund on your behalf."

The end? it is clearly not the end as issues like this keep happening and will continue to happen. Sure it's still a great item to own, but if we keep accepting changes like this, things will never change. I used to love shopping with premiere but over the years they have become a shell of the company they used to be. As an autograph collector myself I will fight for our hobby to continue to have trustworthy resources we can by from without worrying about lies regarding autopen use or receiving items that do not match the description of purchase and bait and switch tactics which is technically an illegal deceptive practice for a business 

Except Premiere sat on your money banking interests in the meantime. Not OK.

It's another Festivus Miracle! Like clockwork, Premiere has managed to wizz all over people's Turkey Day again, and almost on the exact day of last year's Bobby Zimmerman cluster shat. Their timing is impeccable, their predictability is precise, and their product, very Un-Premiere. Hoping everyone has a good holiday anyways and I'll be thankful for a great community here. Cheers. 

Well, I cancelled 2 preorders. So they'll probably hold those back and add them to their "rare books" category for $500-$600+ at a later date. 




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