I was contacted directly by Premiere Collectibles regarding the comment I left about Premiere on the Bob Dylan refund thread and have replied providing details on their botched attempt at handling cancelation requests once it was known these books were in fact autopenned. I was hoping to link the other post that was created as well but I am unable to locate it.

Would you guys be willing to post any problems you have had with Premiere in the past. It is possible they may hear our complaints now and possibly make a change in the way they handle themselves in the future. It seems they are willing to listen so if you feel as though you haven't been heard in the past, this may be another chance to speak your mind.

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To start this off, here is a screenshot I sent them from another Dylan thread

No Premiere Collectibles discussion has been removed.

Removal of the promo code due to “fraudulent use”.   It was from racc.  

refusing to listen on autopen issues.  Always takes side of publisher.  

I ordered the Alicia Keys book.I got refunded after eating more time than it should have taken. But they never admitted they were Autopenned.  Even worse-, they continued to sell the Autopenned books on eBay.  I used to spend a lot with them. Even some big ticket items like Renegades and Roger Daltery's book.  So it's insulting when they say that the author's team insists a signature is real when I saw numerous others with the exact same signature. Every loop and every stroke identical.  

It means the COAs are worthless and they are willing to turn a blind eye to make a profit.  

One of these photos was my book.  One was another forum member's, the other was from Premiere's own eBay auction. 

Attachments: No photo uploads here

Any insight on whether this company changed ownership or something? I've never made any purchase from them, but between their 25x+ markup on the signed Bono books, the autopen complaints and all the other oddities I'm hearing off, they decidedly aren't behaving like a "normal" bookstore. Again, I've had no transactions with them, but I definitely don't recall them being this flaky.

Something did happen in the last year or so, when I 1st heard of them their shipping was slow but things were good with communication. A guy Scott (I'll leave off his last name for privacy since he is gone) then became in charge or the face for them and they were really really good for a while. He left and they have completely gone downhill since. I was part of the Girl on Fire fiasco. My order hadn't shipped (with some other books). I contacted them ASAP and instead of stopping the mailing, the next day my order shipped anyway and took another week or 2 or more to get someone to respond to me, they did refund, but yes never took ownership of the obvious autopen. Their shipping prices and removal of the Racc code as well as quite large mark ups have turned me off. Scott for what I could tell was like us and even like Steve from the R&R Channel on TSL. I see some of the books they are listing and wonder who they are catering to now. They don't seem to be listening to their customers but just getting books for the sake of getting them because they are available somewhere and I guess there is always someone who will buy.

Just to add to the others. When I asked Premiere for a refund - for the Bob Dylan book - they said that they would need to speak to the publisher first and that they would get back to me in a few days.

Every other bookshop that I have ever bought from (big or small) would have issued a refund straight away, no questions asked. The book hadn't been dispatched. If someone wants to cancel prior to dispatch, let them. Very unprofessional. 

Also, over the course of 5 days they sent me 3 emails regarding feedback for their customer service. You should only send 1. Though, to be fair, spamming did work because I eventually left some very negative feedback as a response. 

It is always advisable to make online purchases like these with a credit card. In the event of there being some kind of fraudulent activity involved most credit card companies will retrieve the payment for you although it may take a while.

In Europe there is a statutory 14-day cooling-off period during which the customer can cancel a purchase for any reason. It starts from the moment you place the order and lasts for 14 days after you have received the item. It trumps any cancellation policy that a retailer may include in their terms of service. 

I would be surprised if there is not some kind of similar consumer-protection in the USA.

I ordered a Randy Travis signed book on clearance the other day (and with discount) and it arrived unsigned (no bookplate). I’ve sent an email over the weekend, hopefully they make it right ASAP. 

Replacement signed book received today after having to ship the unsigned copy back. 



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