How do people feel about the new Global Authentics (GA)?   They approved this Michael Jackson "Thriller" album.  Thanks for your thoughts on this matter.

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This is a mass-produced forgery.

I guess this says alot about the new Global Authentics then, huh?   Thanks for the heads up.


What proof is there that this is part of a mass-produced forgery?

Good question. When I'm back at my computer next week I'll post similar examples. I'm on my iPad.

Boy, I'm getting to where I can't tell on some of these MJ's.  But I guess that's why I don't get paid money to authenticate.

I have honestly seen PSA/DNA authenticate signatures VERY SIMILAR to this one.

I wouldn't be surprised. I think that most authenticators that haven't seen several at the same time easily could miss them. 

This is 100% real in my opinion.

I agree with you my that I look over it, it is authentic.  I am glad someone agrees...=)

I am glad to see that collectors are starting to do their homework and thinking before making purchases. I do not in anyway wish to turn this into a negative discussion or point out any mistakes by any authenticator or authentication company. I agreed to join in for educational purposes and to show some of the hard work and studies involved in autograph authentication.

I just would like to ask for some input on these 3 items said to be hand signed by Michael Jackson.

There will be further examples and discussion on these and other autographs coming soon.
Michael Frost can be reached directly at

Hey...what do you mean by collectors "starting to do their homework"? That's what this site has been about since we launched it 3 years ago!  :)

Thanks for posting these, Mike.

My examples are Mike's. He sent several—including the ones he posted above—to me last Monday and asked what I thought. They're not identical but they're scarily similar to each other and the Thriller album Bruce asked about. 

What do you folks think?



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