I recently won this item on Julien's Auction and would like to get some opinions on the signature. I believe the signature is genuine, but of course I would like to read some of your opinions. What do you think? This was originally owned by Michael's personal physician, Dr. Steven Hoefflin. Judging from the release date of the newspaper and the signature style, I believe this might have been signed around 1984. 

Thank you all for your help,

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I dont see what you’re seeing, Steve. Even these 2 are quite different to my eyes.

Personally, I think the MJ waters have become so muddied that fakes are getting passed as real by pros and fans alike.

I repeat, this signature looks absolutely nothing like my authentic signed Thriller and notebook sheet signed by 4 of the brothers, including MJ. 

I don't see it either - vastly different. Like...Van Gogh and Monet. But what I would ask is why Jackson's personal physician, in 1984, would have an uninscribed signed bit of newspaper and not a color glossy or some other item? 

Yes. Thank you, Eric.

And does that sig scream biggest star on the planet to anyone?

Im not meaning to poo poo anyone’s item, but the point of all this is to determine authenticity.

Just today I saw a “pro” cert on a clear fake. 

It is a VERY dangerous time to be buying MJ. The fakes are getting passed as real by many. 

All I can add is the OP looks a bit shaky in a few places and too bubbly/less angular and less sure with several slants heading the opposite direction from the item Steve posted. The OP seems abbreviated in a way while also slow (?) and I don't take the last bit as an "n". The baseline and negative spaces appear different and the relations spatially in distance and size/height between letters are different to me. The heights seem to grow and recede with some rhyme/reason re execution/"emotion" in the example Steve posted. It also seems a bit slow at stroke ends and sort of  "wimpy" - not loud and strong/assured. These are just observations - others here know far more about M.J.

And I will add that if nothing else, that sig is not his 80s style that Im quite familiar with. 

I have a number of authentic MJs, and while they arent identical, they do share certain traits across sig styles.

None of mine look anything like the OP.

The OP has no flair/soul/personality - whatever you want to call it. Its too pretty and too deliberate for my tastes.

Here is the same vintage style as the OP which was sold at Nate Sanders Auctions.  And there’s more out there...of these authentic examples.

Attachments: No photo uploads here

It seems a bit faded James ;)

That looks nothing like the OP!

Ah, there it is. :) Look at the size and strength of the "M"'s and that of the OP. Look at the fluidity in the loops as well. Perhaps others will kindly post more exemplars as James did to further the discussion.

The major differences between the two are that the one I posted has a significantly taller and longer finish stroke to the “M,” and the “h” in my example has a taller and wider loop.  A lot of times we don’t keep in mind that there are variations in EVERY autograph even in the same style.  But to say they look nothing alike, then you and I are looking at two different examples. 

Even in my own signature, I’ve noticed I sometimes have bigger loops and smaller loops...and other variations.  These are just not that far off...unless the OP was done by a very good forger.

James - look beyond the M and the H and the J - the keystones of an MJ signature - quite easy to forge.

Let's focus on the details of the other letters.

Wait. There are none. No definable qualities to any other letter besides the keystones.

Any forger could recreate the OP.

I'd be surprised if it was later than early 1980s. Here's an Autopen in that style:

This is MJ's autograph from 1977 when The Jacksons toured Europe as part of the Queen's Silver Jubilee:



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