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Wondering if this Mick Jagger autograph is real or not. Any clue ?

Thanks !

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Not authentic, imo.


It actually looks pretty typical to me.  A more recent in-person signature.  Abbreviated, but typical.

Mercy, how recent? Here is a somewhat recent Jagger I own for comparison.

That one is actually less abbreviated.  I was thinking more of something like this one.  It was authenticated by BAS.  It seems to compare rather well.

Mick Jagger Autograph

I can see the similarities with mine as well. Although the size of the one you mention and mine is the overall size. They match closely versus the OP which is very small.

If the OP is authentic it is not particularly desirable, again imo.

I agree.  It is also an unusual item to have signed.  Perhaps it was a promotion.

This may shed some light. The OP is listed on eBay for under $300. No takers yet. I still believe the OP is suspect, at best. Maybe others know the seller


Eddie Van Halen typically adds the year to his signature.

The seller of the originally posted cd have 4 more Mick Jagger autographs for sale. In my opinion none of those 4 are genuine. So even if this cd is genuine, I would not take the chance. Just my 2 cents.

One of the four Eddie Van Halen autographs is typical, even without the year added to it.  Three are atypical.

Sorry if I'm jumping in a bit on this thread. What do you members think of this 1964 Jagger signature?


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