Hey gang, what do you think of this Mickey Mantle?

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Awful forgery

looks good to me, a nice clean autograph with all the right flows...nice find friend or..if you're buying it...enjoy ! :)

back to the old drawing board Wyle E Coyote. it's fake as fake gets PERIOD. 

Bought it a very small local auction, stuff usually sells cheap, picked it up for $50.  I was willing to take the risk for $50.

The ICKEY flow is ickey.

just flushed $50 down the toilet.

so you blew 50. Go see about getting your money back. That 8 x 10 photo is rarely if ever seen with the added #7 and would be worth 200-350 if it was real. Sadly....you don't get something for nothing. Don't cheap out next time and you won't completely throw your 50 in the fire place.


Sorry, but this is the work of forger Greg Marino.

"No bull"


Best wishes,


Laughable forgery.

anyone that thinks this is remotely good...I got an iceberg in the gulf of mexico to sell you!!!


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