Hello again, looking for experienced opinions on whether this signed baseball is authentic or fake?

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Not authentic.

no good


Thank you all for the input!  Appreciate the confirmation. May I ask out of curiosity, what are the obvious giveaways that it is a fake Mantle?

Unless you have an eye for autographs, there is no way to explain "obvious giveaways."   Forgeries are meant to have the "appearance" of being authentic.

The forgery business/industry today is bigger than ever today.  

For some reason, people think that Ebay filters out the forgeries before they are listed; nothing could be further from the truth.

Ebay is a cesspool of forgeries.

Never seen Dimaggio co-sign anything Mantle...I will admit this one will fool even some of the most trained eyes like myself...but one thing that the fakers never get right is one letter with the formation almost no faker can accomplish and for that i will say no good...but i will also say this a fake that is undoubtedly above adverage...


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