Here is a very nice signed Mickey Mantle Triple Crown photo do only $49. It is a legitimate signature. The seller is a senior citizen that didn't know what they have and I let them know. Pleas tak a look:

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Someone hit it for $49. Presuming it's not some sort of copy, a real steal.

I inquired with the seller about it being a copy and supposedly it is not. I was going to get it for myself but I have plenty of signed Mantle items and I really wanted somebody on our site to be able to get a great deal.

Be interested to see if this turns out o.k.

The seller has perfect eBay feedback but from viewing his sales record he deals entirely in antiques and such...not in autographs. So to rely on his "expertise" in describing this piece may or may not come into question.

Time will they say nothing ventured...nothing gained...

I hope it turns out not to be a copy. The signature is definitely good. The seller told me that he has been receiving messages telling him the signature was fake because it didn't have a COA and some were calling him names. Hopefully someone here bought it and will let us know.

There's a bigger issue - it's not real. Regardless of it being a copy or hand-written, it's just not real.

What tells you that? It looks like a copy to me but I think the autograph looks right.
1. The size of both Ms relative to each other is wrong.

2. The second M is misformed.

3. "antle" is done with incorrect slants.

4. All of "No. 7" is mis-formed.

To me, it's as wrong as the DiMaggio ball that was recently commented on. It's close, but not close enough. This is a fairly prevalent style that he been going around for years.
At first look it seemed pretty much right on. But I see what you mean. Hopefully members that know Mantle better than me will give their opinions
Do you have other examples of the style?
No, I haven't saved them. They pop up, however. If you memorize this one, others you see will stand out.

I believe Invest may be correct.

The top is the questioned item, the two below are items I had in my Mantle "forgery file." The kneeling pose is almost certainly from the same hand. The swinging pose may be... it's a bit too small to be certain.

A good lesson learned... you can be lulled by seeing so many of the terrible mass-produced fakes that it makes it easier to be fooled by slightly more skilled fakes.

Steve, you're right. At glance, these are all the same style.

You should give up Space and open shop with me to authenticate Mantles!



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