Here is a link:

Take a look and tell me if you see what appears to be pretty obvious.

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This is from Ebay seller Executivephotographs1490.

This stuff sickens me and we observe this crap every day on Ebay.

Look at this laughable forged Mickey Mantle baseball.

Is the hologram and certificate faked as well? Or pulled from an authentic one?

welcome to Ebay, den of thieves.  you have to be a total idiot to fall for this scam.

I am not a fan of the certificate and not showing the hologram. What is the exact issue here?

I stopped buying sports memorabilia because of legitimacy concerns. 

the exact issue is that it is in the hall of fame of all time worst Mantle forgeries.

The other issue being it's not a UDA product, and as Terrier wrote, one of the all-time worst.

Well, aside from the forged shaky autograph, and the sticker that looks like it was peeled from somewhere else and then poorly stuck on, what's the problem?


Ryan, the person took a legitimate UDA hologram off a legitimate ball and put it on a very poor forgery.  They also took the UDA cert from a legitimate ball and addd it to the fake.  Most likely, they will take the authentic UDA ball and send it in to JSA or PSA and sell it, meanwhile using the UDA authentication items as attempted proof that their forgery is real.




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