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Screenshots from Facebook

How does this keep happening? Just blatant fraud.

Well, mine has both a Signed sticker and a C.O.A. from Premiere Collectables so it must be authentic right? just kidding and trying to laugh so I don't cry. This has become such a problem and aggravation even after all the recent high-profile artists getting caught doing it and I'm seriously considering giving this addiction up. or at least cutting way back and only buying from the handful of places I still trust.  

And given that it's Premiere.  They'll say "We checked with the publisher and the publisher checked with Millie Bobby Brown's people, and they swear they are real." Because nobody ever lies-except Bob Dylan, Seth McFarlane, Trevor Noah, Sinead O'Connor, Keith Richards, Gene Simmons, Alicia Keys, Dolly Parton, Brian Wilson, Robby Krieger, Drew Barrymore, Martha Stewart, Rachel Ray, David Copperfield, Steve Harvey, Kenny Loggins, and a host of others I'm sure. 

Ugh, my BAM copy just like all the rest. Have a Waterstones in route which I didn't cancel. Will have 2 more garbage books. 

I think we need more time on this. Ive been so busy that I just opened my waterstones packages that came earlier. Came on here and saw the backlash. We know her signature is evolving. I'll post an example I stole from Facebook below.. she also has some private signings we need to compare with and so far havent been able to find good examples. Ill also post a link to where these were considered autopen??? Because they look very similar? I dont know.. the ones I received are not autopen and I do not see signs of autopens being used.. seems people are jumping the gun.. its all for the best though. Even if these turn out legit, I love the backlash because its telling publishers and celebrities that we are watching like a hawk.. as long as we get it right in the end.. 

Here is the link and photos of her evolving autograph


Examples from the Waterstones signing event in London last week now on ebay.

Thanks, I looked, found 2. It is suspicious but still not convinced. I see similarities and differences within the MBB part, leaving out the X entirely but need more examples which im sure will come soon. Its still fun to speculate but I personally need to be 100% convinced and am just not there yet. 

This already has a ton of attention unlike the Elton autopenned prints. Im going to sit on these for a bit. Here are the 2 found on ebay from her signing event. Just quickly comparing both event signatures, her X is signed differently between these 2

These are interesting examples. The fourth  one at first appears similar to the signed books, but then the loop shape at the end is facing the left instead of the right, like the new books are. Looks possible that the person who signed the fourth example is the same one who signed books.

They’re definitely not autopen. But they are signed by another person.

Just an observation...

The IPs were in a bound book.  The book page is taller off the table and she doesn't have free access to the left-hand side of the page.

The tipped-in pages were flat on the table/desk and she was more free to position and move her hand.

A more experienced signer might not be impacted by any of that, but she's 19 years old and I'd expect an evolving signature as she gains experience signing in volume.

Might be a viable answer if the on site Sharpie ones didn't look like her recent public /private signings (on flats) while the ballpoint ones from Waterstones, BAM, Premiere, etc all look a notably different. I don't think angle, etc has anything to do with what we're seeing here. I should also add that Millie has experience signing in volume for the past 6-7 years. Since Stranger Things debuted in 2016, she's done many public and private large scale signing events.

I'm in the camp where these should probably be assumed to be ghostsigned unless some explanation on why Millie would sign these all notably differently than her other signatures the past few months, including the in-person book events.



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