Hi guys as per the title, bought a Monroe cheque on eBay for $2500 and it came damaged.

I've no doubt the seller did it while removing from matting as it was perfect cond. in the listing photos. Just looking for advice on best course of action to take here?

Thanks in advance! 

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I'd send the photos to the seller advising that it arrived damaged. I've had sellers claim it must have been damaged in transit so make sure you take photos of the packaging it was sent in and if anything is recorded by the carrier of any damage occurring in transit.

The seller may ignore, offer a discount or tell you to return it. It really comes down to how badly you want it and what it's worth to you now damaged compared to the original price.

Dan, now I'm trying to figure out what a fair discount would be for it's condition. 

I have asked my paper restorer if it's something he can work with, just waiting on a reply. 

Definitely quite bad damage looking at the photos so hopefully, the restorer can do something.

Did you get it for less than expected or pay the full price? I'm not sure what these cheques signed by Marilyn go for but Pauline Berry might know. Either way, the seller should offer a discount as you say they knew of the condition when shipped

Agreed. I don't know about you but I'd be reluctant to pay $1300 for it in this condition.

So asking for a $1200 partial refund seems reasonable? Naturally, the seller will decline so this transaction will likely end badly. 

Did you request to have it shipped without the matting? The seller shouldn’t have tried to remove it. That’s an unbelievable lack of care considering the value of the item.

Hey Ballroom, hope this answers your question

But ofc it's my fault as he's put the blame on me, despite telling me beforehand that it was in plastic and removable: 

"I cant refund the money is spent I am in layoff I did not want to remove the item U WANTED THAT. The signature is all good. I destroyed the matt in removing. it was a Dickins to get done. please accept as is . ID APPTRCIATE IT GREATLY!" 

He should have told you that it couldn’t be easily removed. I would file a “not as described” case.

Please say you didn't remove it.

The seller should not have removed the check from the matting. What is his stated return policy? If I were you I would request a refund as the item is not as described in the listing. I mat pieces and would never make an autograph difficult to access or remove. Most use too much adhesive and, heaven forbid, glue that makes it nearly impossible to remove without damage. Not smart. Mat board is cheap; autographs are not.

Joe, it sounds like the seller has financial problems. I am not one to let emotions get in the way of business but; if a partial refund was an option what would be a fair amount in your opinion?

I may have a paper restorer take a look at it, ofc he is not cheap. 

The question is did he remove the check or you? The remover is responsible for the damage, IMO. His financial problems are not your concern and eBay has buyer protection if they decide he misrepresented this item. Ebay will go by the item description and maybe look at the messages if relevant. Ebay won't care about his finances either.



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