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This eBay seller takes the cake in my book. Check out this Hendrix "autograph" supposedly signed in Seattle in 1968. The seller actually posted a couple of authentic Hendrix signatures to compare to the one offered for sale. The description and Q&A section include the following gems:

I'm not an idiot and the starting bid is well below the actual value. I'm feeling generous!

Please, feel free to get a Quick opinion on this item from any of the professional services. Please let me know what they conclude. I have studied Jimi's signature for years and I am confident it is genuine. The signature was signed quickly, without hesitation, and contains wonderful, genuine, attributes. I have added a another image showing a comparison of the connecting strokes of the "o" and "v" in the word "Love" If you are well versed in autograph collecting (paricularly Jimi's) you will understand that no hand other than Jimi's would have been able to do this.

What do you think?


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Hi can anyone give me opinion on this one please?

Hi there,

can anyone advise on this Hendrix autograph please?

Thanks very much!  


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Not good. Sorry.

It doesn't look authentic to me either.

Hi Brian, thanks very much for your advice, much appreciated! 


No worries Mikeyboy! Have a good 1!

Not sure about the Hendrix, but his astronauts are all absolutely odious fakes.

Thanks very much, I think you are spot on with your estimation!



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