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Michelle, you just don't know how it warms my heart to see you posting something about the Babe!

Although, it would likely be passed by an FDE like Drew Max, in reality it's a HORRIBLE forgery! Although, actually I've seen worse.

Michelle, I can see you're developing a curiosity in American baseball! That's good. Now, go on and root for the Royals! Mine that is - not yours. Lol! Though I do greatly admire your Royals, mine are the Kansas City Royals baseball team, and we're in the playoffs.

Good ole Simon Parr is selling this piece http://www.invaluable.com/auction-lot/babe-ruth-signed-paper-in-pre...

A close up....

I thought that might be the case, though I was hoping maybe I had converted her! Lol.

Thanks for the larger image. That REALLY is bad. What's Simon trying to do - outpace Coaches Corner in the Top Forgeries category?
Simon the sorcerer .

shaky and slow


David at Simon Parr. You have got to get out of the "autograph" business!

Wait Ian! I am SURE he has a COA! So It MUST be good! (/sarcasm) I would love to actual see a COA for one of his items rather then just hearing on and on how all have them from.

Probably something to do with Babe being an alcoholic. 

Bit like how Keith Richards autograph is shaky too. Or James Stewart old age. It comes with a coa. 

It's amazing how many of you all chip in to discuss something when for example Ballroom is an expert in what? He owns one MJ autograph but isn't an expert he said.

It's like you all are a jack of no trades.  

Become a plumber you may as well because you all aren't qualified to make any opinions.

Please show the coa.

yeah, that's it.  he could hit 600 ft home runs, but had trouble signing his name this ONE time.  Brilliant.

You don't even have to be a Ruth expert to tell this is an awful forgery. Anyone with any knowledge of autographs in general would be able to tell this is incredibly suspect at best, due to awful letter formation, hesitation, and pen speed. It's a shaky malformed mess that looks NOTHING like a Babe Ruth signature. Amateur forgery, a baboon could do better.



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