i regret to have post here but as I have had no response from Eric Longo, the member held in such high esteem.

Hello Eic,
I am writing to request a part refund for the 2 Bowie items I purchased frrom you JUNE 2018.
1. index card signed Bowie 76
2  promotional photo dedicated to "ROBIN" signed Bowie 80
As you ae fully awre both these items have been confirmed to be the hand of Corinne Scwabb.
You will be fully aware I paid you nealy $3000 dollars and also had to pay a further $1000 for the customs charge - which was due to your assistant or partner’s error by indicating the cost of items when the insurance would not have covered a tenth of the puchase price. I also refunded you the price of PayPay and paid your furtherr money as family and friends.
I am not asking for the whole amount but I feel justified in asking for a partial refund.  
Please let me know your thoughts please.

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Let me see if I understand your motive for making this public.  How long has it been since you tried to contact Eric?

If the items are not signed by Bowie, why then are you asking for a partial refund?

How was it determined that the items were signed by his PA?

I'm not sure what you are hoping to accomplish by making this public.  Help me understand, please.

I do not need to make you understand anything. Eric should respond to me that’s that

by the way, Eric is still held in high esteem here.  You, on the other hand, are not.

Not really interested in your opinion

This is not what this site is for. Handle your grievances elsewhere.

try direct message first

sorry did you not read the opening of my post??

Before you posted this, did you attempt to contact Eric privately?


Please post the autographs in question. 

Why not reply to my email eric so we can discuss this in private ??



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