Was a family members now mine with other signed items,want it authenticated. Steve thank you for your input,



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beautiful signature and photo

Thank You so much.. I never owned one,always wanted it.

Very nice.

Thank You Steve..

This is a VERY nice piece, Mike. The most desirable style of later Mantles. And on a 16x20 too!

Since your inherited it, you didn't buy it. and plan to keep it, I'd wait until you plan to sell it to send it to a TPA. You don't know who the most desirable authenticators will be then, and decades from now technology is likely to advance and make authentication accuracy even better. You may have to get it authenticated again to get top dollar.

Thank You so Much Steve,I never thought I would ever own this. And yes 16 X 20 is Incredible. My wife wants me to sell it all :( ,Mantle,Peles,Griffey Jr. Going to.try and stick to my guns on this one :))

Then DEFINITELY don’t get them authenticated!

Problem is it will not sell without an Authentication? I am confused on this one,


Why not keep it?

I want to.. See I have lots of collectables over a span of 30 years. I have basically taken over 4 rooms and my wife is going batty. Its a bad position I am in but going to see how long that lasts. 

I've seen firsthand how much of a problem big signed collections are for people, particularly families. Have a friend who had in excess of 4k signed items, which took up an entire basement space at one of his old homes and required a multi-day move by itself to get to a property he bought a few years back -- and caused no end of strife with his wife and kids for taking up too much space. The sacrifices us collectors make...

I'd say pick the top 10-15% of your collection you absolutely, positively can't live without and offload the rest, especially if you're wanting to set aside money for the future/vacations/investment/et al. Freeing up that much capital can be a liberating experience.

Get them authenticated right before you want to sell. That way you'll have the most current authentication technology and the most trusted TPAs at the time.

And if you get them authenticated now they'll be ready to sell now, which you said your wife wanted but you did not.


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