Hi.  I purchased this from Roger Epperson last year and just like to share this particular graph with you.  I know it's authentic.  Signed in the early 1980's.  It ranks as one of my favorite autographs in my collection.

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when was it signed?

I don't know other than Roger wrote me in the early eighties. 1980's.

If you know it's authentic and want to play show n tell... Would it not be better posted in the what's new in your collection thread?

Just a thought

Yes, I simply forgot, you're right.

I know it's authentic. Signed in the early 1980's. It ranks as one of my favorite autographs in my collection.

And I know (my opinion!) the sig of Mick Jagger is a fake! For my security asked some Stones-experts:

1) This jagger epperson apparantly sold looks fake to me

2) I think if Epperson sold this he always thinks its authentic, if anybody else sold this autograph he would say its fake! Who knows how his mind works!

3) I am saying fake

4) i ask someone who does not know Epperson, he also said fake..

5) Verdict! Fake!

Just came in another "masterpiece" confirmed as genuine by Mr. Epperson:

Not the nicest example, but real in my opinion. It's a Doors-era print, and I believe it was mailed from the Doors Office. I've only seen three of them, two of which are signed.

See here part of the original photo and Morrison was cut out. I've got several confirmations that the sig is a fake and if there are similar sigs they are written by same forger.
Another information reads that this cutted photo was released first after death of Morrison.
An expert from Paris/France (Morrison buried) confirmed as well and added "..his autograph always wrote parallel in a straight line, never left to right upwards.."


@ballroomDays67: Have you ever seen such a sig of David Bowie and what do you think about?
Maybe that here are some experts of Bowie autographs knowing more.

Another question: Any experiences or knowledges about COAs issued by Frank P. Garo FHE ?


Alexander, that link goes nowhere? Can you post the Bowie here?




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