Hoping to get some opinions here. This is Beckett certified, but I am hearing from some other very reliable sources that they don’t believe this is authentic. What’re your thoughts on this Harrison Ford piece?

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Doesn't look right to me. See what others say.

I’d be shocked if that was Beckett authenticated. 

I’m hearing this from a lot of people, but believe it or not it is. I definitively need to get this thing returned. 

I moved this to the Harrison Ford forum. If this is an odd variation of a real Ford they’ll know but again, I’d be shocked.

Beckett is excellent on Ford from my experience. How do you know the certification is legit? Where’s the Beckett sticker?

It is not a fake LOA. This has been verified already. 

Unlike any authentic Ford I've seen. If any chance it is authentic, it's so atypical I wouldn't touch it anyway.

I talked to Steve Grad from BAS. He said it's real and they stand behind it. I asked if he's seen similar and he said yes. Northwest US in-persons around 2015 or so. 

Interesting.. I’m getting a lot of unfortunate mixed feedback on this. Wish I could find others to compare to. Never heard of him switching up his signature in 2015. I appreciate your further help.

There's a good chance that this will not be an easy Ford to sell at market value in the future compared to more typical ones on a similar item. Ask the seller for a refund. It they're dealers they should appreciate the value of keeping their customers satisfied.

If they won't refund your money, build a case with the negative opinions you've gotten, and identify those with well-known Ford expertise.

Did you pay by regular PayPal? Did you buy it on eBay? All these things make a difference.

It was an eBay purchase. Already in the process of doing so. Awaiting a response. 

Steve C is right in my opinion. 

I believe Steve Grad is excellent at Ford and if he thinks it's good, he's likely right. But as a collector, avoid "dented cans" in your collection. Even if authentic, who wants an item that can be reasonably questioned by knowledgeable collectors? You want "slam dunks" in the collection. Not "I guess it could be authentic."




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