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It's supposedly a strap worn by Jimi and an autographed photo. I was told it came from one of the John Entwistle estate auctions at Sotheby's, but I've never been able to track down any info. I've was also told there's a COA but I am not in possession of it.

Can anyone help point me in a direction to find out more about this piece?

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I think the whole thing is fake.

Beware fancy expensive framing it usually tries to mask the flaw behind it. The flaw being this is not real.

I agree likely fake its difficult to tell of course from a photo but that strap looks like one of the modern replica straps not an ace 1960's one do an e bay search and the originals i think have a different leather end piece with a gold ace logo and it should show some wear , signature looks ok but likely printed if it was all real it would be $40k if its not 30/40k then its too good to be true which usually means fake

 I hope it is good and works out for you but i would be very carefull     

It does appear to be a preprinted signature.

Big Mike, it kills me to say it but I agree with the feedback you're getting. Where did it come from, originally and who you bought it from, and how long ago did you buy it? You may have protection.

It's kinda more of a sad story.  My dad gave it to me as a gift like 15-20yrs ago and said he bought it at auction but kept the COA.  So I lost no money or anything, but as you can imagine it's disappointing as far as the truth.  I always had my suspicions and this pretty much backs it up.

I'm very sorry to hear that. It happens far too often.

Anything with a plaque is questionable to me 



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